Solutions for Government

Financial Inclusion

We are committed to providing basic and affordable banking services to the last mile underbanked citizens. To incorporate this we have developed simple technological solutions in collaboration with various financial institutions and are playing a major role in financial literacy and inclusion.

Direct Benefit Transfers

Supporting various governments and institutions to disburse subsidies directly to the beneficiary. Through technology, we eliminate the intermediary while streamlining the end to end process and ensuring funds are settled to the bank account.

Citizen Services (G2C)

Bring government machinery closer to the citizens and strengthen the relationship with citizens using technology. G2C services can now be made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner with accountability in service delivery.

Social Security Schemes

We are playing a major role by ensuring schemes undertaken by the government are reaching the larger India. These are implemented through CSR engagements, road shows and village level engagement programs thereby educating and fulfilling our pivotal role in the societies development.